Real Estate Management

The Property Management Division is responsible for the acquisition, leasing, management, valuation (appraisal), office surveying/mapping, and sale of County property. The Division acts as a lease administrator on properties leased from others and provides property management services on County-owned properties. 

Property Acquisition includes the purchase of vacant land, and/or buildings, and leasing of space needed to deliver Board Approved County services. The purchase of land, and/or buildings involves site search and selection, negotiations of terms of sale, title reports, surveys (i.e., environmental, topographic and boundary and building, if any), appraisals, and development of a purchase agreement. Leasing involves site search and selection, formal appraisal or comparative cost analysis, building surveys, negotiations, estimating and implementing building improvements, development of a lease agreement and establishing a payment schedule. This function also includes the County’s acquisition of Grant Easements and Permits to Enter from other public agencies, non-profit agencies, or private parties. In all cases there is a partnership with the client County Agency, so that the result, as approved by the Board of Supervisors, meets it’s needs.

Property Management

Whether it is for property the County has acquired or is letting to another party, Property Management is responsible for carrying out and/or ensuring compliance with the terms of leases and other real property agreements. The specifics vary from lease to lease, but will include payment and adjustments for rents, taxes, utilities, etc., assisting in the resolution of maintenance and building repairs, monitoring agreed upon construction, integrated pest management, responding to health and safety issues, implementation of energy policies and establishing utility accounts. It may also include exercising options or negotiating renewals, first right of refusals, and lease terminations.

Property Disposition and Lease of County Property (Revenue Leases) 

The disposition of real property no longer necessary for County purposes are governed both by state statute and Board policies. These specify both the process and minimum time spans required for each step. In addition, space in county-controlled property, whether leased or owned, may be leased to other public agencies, non-profit agencies and private parties. License Agreements and Permits to Enter County space are also executed. ​

For questions regarding Property Management, please contact 408-993-4600.​​​​​

FAF Managed Lease Portfolio​ (Updated 11/8/19)

County Land Asset Inventory list (Updated 6/29/18​​)​​

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