Space Request

To request the usage of County space, please complete a Space Request application form. The PDF application forms for County or Non-County users are at the bottom of this webpage, under Attachments. 

We recommend submitting a request at least three months before your scheduled event, as there is a process that our department must follow. Our team has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for your convenience. Thank you for contacting us.

    A Space Request application form is required if you request the use of any County Owned or Leased Facility.​ The County receives many space-use requests, and there is often much to consider when allocating space, including competing interests. The application form and content you add will help ensure timely and thorough consideration.

    You are welcome to include any supporting documents you believe are required with your submission and send to [email protected].

    The Space Request application form should be submitted at least three months before your scheduled event/date. A late submission runs the risk of being rejected.

    The Administrative Space Committee meets once a month. The meetings are typically held on the 2nd Thursday of the month.

    After submitting the completed Space Request application form to [email protected], a County Representative will contact you.

    Please email your contact information and a detailed message to [email protected].

    The Administrative Space Committee meeting is a long-standing process that allows the County to review internal and external requests from Departments, Agencies, and non-County organizations. The Committee is comprised of the County Executive, Chief Operating Officer, and Budget Director.

    The Administrative Space Committee considers your request. ​The Committee will decide on next steps (i.e., refer to Real Estate, Facility Planning, etc.). The approval or referral of a space request does not guarantee or imply that a request will or can be accommodated.

    Invitations to speak at the meeting are granted at the discretion of the County if additional clarification is required. Attendance is not required, but it is recommended that a representative be present in case questions arise.

    A determination letter will identify the county representative assigned to work on your request and provide you with the next steps.

    If a Space Request is denied, a new Space Request can be submitted that addresses the issues raised in the denial letter.

    Please email [email protected] or your county representative that you are withdrawing your request.


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