Space Request

To request the usage of County space, please fill out the form in its entirety (attachment below).

We recommend that a request be submitted at a minimum of 2-3 months prior to your scheduled event, as there is a process, our department must follow.​​​​​ For further information, we have listed frequently asked questions below. Thank you for your inquiry.​

    A Space Request form is required if you are requesting the use of any County Owned or Leased Facility.​

    Upon completion and execution of this Space Request form please email your completed form to:  [email protected]

    Based on your request you are welcome to include any supporting documents you feel are necessary with your submission and send to [email protected]

    Your Space Request should be submitted at a minimum of 2-3 months prior to your scheduled event/date. 

    Space Committee meetings are typically held every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month​.​​

    Please email [email protected] and include your contact information and a detailed message. ​​

    The Administrative Space Planning Committee meeting is a long-standing process, which allows the County to review internal and external requests, from Departments, Agencies and non-County organizations. The Committee is comprised of members from different departments, who discuss each submission.​​​​

    Yes! You are welcome to represent your request and answer any questions the Committee may have. ​​​

    Once a completed Space Request has been received and reviewed you will be provided with a confirmation as to the date, time and location of the Space Committee meeting. ​

    Your request is considered by the Administrative Space Planning Committee. ​​ ​

    No, this is not a requirement. It is encouraged to have a representative available, in case questions arise. ​​​

    ​A County representative will be assigned to work on your request and provide you with next steps. ​

    Please contact [email protected] or your assigned County representative to notify them that you are withdrawing your request.​

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