Re - Visioning the Service Model and Operational Planning​


Santa Clara Valley Health and Hospital System (SCVHHS) is in the process of re-visioning its service model and operational plan and carrying out building assessments to facilitate improved service delivery. 

With County populations expected to continue growing and with the nation’s healthcare systems undergoing significant changes, County and Health System leaders are actively pursuing a vision and plans for an integrated and accessible health model that will provide high quality care to those in need while actively promoting health and wellness for all.

Facilities Planning is working with consultants to help facilitate and prepare the Service Model and Operational Plan for the HHS in conjunction with its facilities assessments, to provide a comprehensive overview of the future delivery of health-related services and how existing facilities must be modified to meet changing demand.  

The purpose of this study is to forecast the future trends in health services and to serve as a guide for future decisions on space needs, locations for growth, operational requirements, and programming for facilities within the SCVHSS system. This assessment will consider both the facility and operational aspects of health system capacity and requirements planning.  Additionally, this assessment will be used to identify strengths, weakness, threats, and opportunities that will provide information on future developments and operational needs.​  

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