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Proposed New Main Jail


New Jail Concept

 Conceptual Rendering of Proposed New Main Jail

The proposed project consists of the replacement of an outdated jail facility at Santa Clara County’s Main Jail Complex with a New Jail building on the existing Main Jail South site. 
The new facility is intended to fulfill the need for additional Medium / High Medium Security and Special Management housing beds within the County’s Department of Correction. The new facility will be designed to address the need for Inmate programs (education, substance abuse, job placement, life skills, etc.) within the incarceration system. Additionally, the facility will be designed to address an increased need for Mental Health / Special Management housing beds, and associated programs and treatment space, including Mental Health / Special Management, and a Re-entry programs floor for inmates preparing to be released from custody.

Project Location and Setting

The project site is the County of Santa Clara’s Main Jail Complex at 885 North San Pedro Street,. San Jose.
The project site is surrounded by other government facilities, including the Santa Clara County Hall of Justice (west of Main Jail North), the San Jose Office of Emergency Services (south of Main Jail South), the County Government Center and Old San Jose City Hall (east of W. San Pedro Street), and the County Re-Entry Resource Center northeast of the intersection of W. San Pedro Street and Mission Street). North of Hedding Street are a County employee parking lot, a County Sheriff’s Department training facility (formerly Richey U.S. Army Reserve Center), and a public parking garage.

New Jail Facility

The proposed New Main Jail is a single building up to 256,000 square feet in size with a maximum height of 150 feet (six stories). The ultimate square footage and height of the proposed new building would be determined during the design phase of the project. The new building would have the capacity to house up to an estimated 535 inmates.

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