Civic Center Master Plan

On September 25, 2018, the Board of Supervisors approved the Civic Center Master Plan. This Master Plan sets the framework for development and redevelopment within the Civic Center's 55-acre area for many years to come. 

One of the first steps will be to demolish the Annex attached to the former San Jose City Hall and establishment of transitional/permanent housing. The project also includes formation of a new Public Safety and Justice Center on the site of the former Private George L. Richey Armory. This project is now part of the County's newly created 10-year Capital Improvement Plan and will take its turn in line with other high priority projects of the County, such as replacement of Main Jail South. 

At the same time, the Board directed staff to begin preparing a housing plan for the development of permanent affordable and supportive housing after demolition of the Annex is complete.  Additionally, the Board directed staff to work with the City of San Jose regarding their offer to consider rezoning action quickly, to conform the zoning to the City's General Plan, and to process a conditional use permit for a new permanent housing project when one has been formulated. 

Just as detailed site planning was completed for the Public Safety and Justice Center during this Master Plan process, such detail is yet to be formulated for the balance of the site.  Next steps will be to work with the City of San Jose in two ways:

(1) to re-engage our planning process with community outreach and input and prepare a housing plan for a supportive housing project that might move forward as a first project, and (2) work with the City within their soon to begin planning process for the North First Street Urban Village Plan on the balance of the site.

A notice will be sent to all those who have informed us of their interest in the Civic Center Master Plan and do stay tuned for upcoming community outreach meetings. ​

For your review:  


Previously, the Board of Supervisors adopted the following the recommendations to help guide the Civic Center Master Plan:  

  •  Planning for a total public space need on the Civic Center Campus of approximately 1.15 million square feet constituting approximately 23 acres of public uses, leaving an estimated 17 acres of land for possible revenue-generating purposes (on land that the County would continue to own). 
  • Planning for the demolition of the West Wing and Connector and relocation of its occupants, the Office of the District Attorney, along with other law and justice administrative uses, to new buildings on the Richey site, the former Army Reserve located at the corner of San Pedro Street and Hedding Street. 
  • Planning for potential relocation of the remainder of the County administrative uses (not including the Main Jail or the Courts) to the area north of Hedding Street, leaving a single block south of Hedding for revenue-generating purposes (on land that the County would continue to own). 
  • Further exploration for either redevelopment/modernization or replacement of the East Wing, for continued public use or private use (depending on the adopted Campus site plan scenario). 
  •  Relocation of the Sheriff Department’s Emergency Vehicles Operations Center from the Richey site ​​​​​​

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