Employee Commute Programs

VTA SmartPass Pr​ogram

The SmartPass Program is FREE for all County employees and allows for unlimited trips on all VTA-operated bus and light rail services, except VTA Express Bus service.

This service can be accessed using your Clipper Card, an all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. For transit routes and schedules, visit vta.org. For additional information, check out the SmartPass Brochure or the SmartPass FAQ page.

Don't let this $990 value go to waste! ​

For information on how to safely use VTA during COVID-19 visit vta.org/covid-19.

VTA bus going to Great Mall
VTA Light Rail

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Save money on public transit by using Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits. The County has contracted with a new plan administrator, P&A Group, and as a result, service fees will be lower. You can now elect up to $217.50 per month for transit expenses or up to $300.00 per month for parking expenses. Deducting the cost of public transit or other qualified expenses before taxes are taken out of your paycheck saves an average of 25% per month!

Learn More:  Want to learn more about how these programs work and how to enroll in these benefits? Click here for an overview and enrollment instructions. 

Please contact your Department Service Center for assistance.


Bart station
Cal Train
AmTrak Station

Emergency Ride Home

Employees may obtain a voucher for a free taxi ride home should an illness, personal emergency or unplanned overtime event (approved by a supervisor) arise and the employee needs transportation home. During normal business hours, contact your Departmental Employee Service Center to obtain a voucher. After normal business hours, you may obtain a voucher by contacting the VMC Hospital Supervisor, at (669) 210 9390.

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