Employee Commute Programs

VTA SmartPass Pr​ogram

The SmartPass Program is FREE for all County employees and allows for unlimited trips on all VTA-operated bus and light rail services, except VTA Express Bus service.

This service can be accessed using your Clipper Card, an all-in-one transit card for the Bay Area. For transit routes and schedules, visit vta.org. For additional information, check out the SmartPass Brochure or the SmartPass FAQ page.

Don't let this $990 value go to waste! ​

For information on how to safely use VTA during COVID-19 visit vta.org/covid-19.

VTA bus going to Great Mall
VTA Light Rail

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits

Save on public transit costs! This voluntary benefit, offered through naviabenefits.com, allows employees to use pre-tax dollars for commuting expenses such as public transit, vanpooling, and work-related parking costs.  

You can elect up to $187.50 per month for transit or up to $270.00 per month for parking expenses. Deducting the cost of public transit or other qualified expenses before taxes are taken out of your paycheck saves an average of 25% per month!

For additional information, check out the Pre-Tax Commuter Brochure, steps for signing up for Pre-Tax, or the Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits FAQ page​

Bart station
Cal Train
AmTrak Station

Emergency Ride Home

Employees may obtain a voucher for a free taxi ride home should an illness, personal emergency or unplanned overtime event (approved by a supervisor) arise and the employee needs transportation home. During normal business hours, contact your Departmental Employee Service Center to obtain a voucher. After normal business hours, you may obtain a voucher by contacting the VMC Hospital Supervisor, at (669) 210 9390.

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